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Stop throwing your plants away…..

Stop throwing your plants away…..

Hello My Fellow Country Garden Club Butterflies,
I don’t know what it is with the people here. These plants in the video was going to be thrown away soooo I took my little self to dig them up aggressively lol. I hope yu enjoy and have a good weekend my loves😊😊😊 .. #Fallgardening, #CTgardener, #Hydrangeas


// ▼ ▽ Time Stamp;

0:00 // Intro
0:56 // Scenic drive through gorgeous neighborhoods
4:07 //Talking about shovel going to be used for the project # fall gardening
4:48 // Showing the plants
6:55 // How I’d dance if I had the skills getting these hydrangeas haha # tik tok guy dancing
8:27 // Taking break //the plans I dug up soo far // my off roader couldn’t even hold them
10:33 // Conclusion



My name is Patience but I go by Patti. Welcome to my channel where I journal things for all you to see – my failures, successes and all that things what ever that is! I am a gardener (zone 6b), home decor lover, & all things DIY. My channel is dedicated to encouraging every viewer to do things for themselves and be self-sufficient. I never actually knew I could do these projects I take on until I bought my place and immediately realized paying for things to be done was not sustainable long term. Albeit, sometimes I have no choice but to pay for the more tedious ones. That is why I have started creating content about the things I am doing perfect or not.

In summary, you shall have an in-depth look into how I am changing my space, plants I buy and all others things to come. Hopefully, it is motivating enough for you to want to stick around and encourage you to take up a challenge in the foreseeable future.


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