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I don’t know about you, but for me, it is easier to set little short terms goals, medium goals which then translate into fulfilling long terms one’s I set for the year and coming years.

As my garden is still in the rough sketch / design phase, there are some structures and garden items I’d love to have. I am going to see how much I am going to be able save, get and in a thrifty manner. So, let’s begin;

1] Garden Benches

Below is a picture of what I’d like to have. I have a spot for two of them – benches.

2] Birdhouses

This particular birdhouse is an amish birdhouse that I purchased on Amazon. It is huge and very well made. I don’t know if I am going to be getting the same exact thing although I’d like to, but the cost is a bit if a deterrent. I’d like to have at least ten of them haha, so we shall so if this particular goal comes to fruition.

3] Garden Arbor

Another item I have my eyes on is an arbor with wings. I already have a set and looking for the same one for a different location in the garden. The one I currently have shown below was purchased from New England Arbors and I have been looking but no luck so far for the specific exact one. This one is top of my list and if I were to just get this and not fulfill all the other goals mentioned, I shall be a contented woman:).

4] Trellis Tuteur

The last one I am hoping for and need about six of them well made is the trellis tuteur. Quality versions of this are very hard to come by and I plan on scouting all locations aggressively for it haha. I have one now purchased on Amazon and it is the flimsiest thing I have ever purchased. The wood is of low quality and even a little wind knocks it over. I simply can’t tell how many times I had to nail it together. Just pathetic ugh. Here it is below….

I shall let you know in an updated posts what has been accomplished. Thank you.