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In this post, I am going to show you what you should spend your next $15 dollars on. Owning a home is no joke. But things can also be done on a budget. I personally love gravel as it is an inexpensive way to fix pathways in a home, create lovely garden paths etc.

In this project, I am going to show you how I added curb appeal to my house all for $15 when it comes to my front step. You can skip this blog and just watch my youtube video here on it. I am also going to be write on the various gravels you can use on your driveway and garden in a post soon:).

When I first bought my home home, these were the front steps. They were cemented, and looked…. Ugh.. :(. But all efforts to have it corrected proved futile. Here are the steps (before );

I decided to use limestone chips gravel to change the look until I had enough saved to get me my dream steps. In doing this project, my first advice to you when looking for gravel to work with, is to go to a place that sells gravel in bulk especially to contractors. You shall be ripped off if you go to a a big box store to buy bags. I got huge backs $6 dollars. You are given a bag and then asked to shovel as much as you want. This may not be the norm for other states, but here in CT, it is the norm. See below the receipt;

After getting the gravel, I decide to get to work. It was very hot but I managed to spread it and also paint the wood to give it an attractive look. Here is the project done–

View from a different angle.. So, before you spend your next few dollars on a cup of coffee or whatnot, think of all the house projects you can accomplish.:)