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In this post, I am going to show you how to change your landscape or lawn on a budget. If I can do it by myself, so can you. Please remember, it all need not to be done at once. It is very important however, to keep track of all your expenses so that you don’t go overboard.

There are many ways to keep track of all your expenses on a project. Initially, I used to use excel but it was tedious. So, I switched to Trello which is free.

Unto the good stuff.. All the plants came from Lowes. I bought six Juniper Columnars for $50 each. The initial prices were $199 each. Here are my tips for you in getting the best deals at Lowes:

TIP # 1; Make a list of whatever plants you want and go to the nearest Lowes near you. Look at the prices of the plants on your list. In the early summer months, the prices are very, very high. So, make note of it and ask lots of questions. As of 2020, my nearest Lowes now has an arborist whom is always available to help answer questions for plant newbies.

TIP # 2; Go to another Lowes to compare the prices of the first Lowe’s you went to. You’d be shocked how different the prices are. Same plants have different prices at different stores.

TIP # 3; When scoping for plants, I suggest you go very early in the morning on weekdays or weekend. If you can’t do the morning, go weekday in the afternoons. Don’t bother on the weekends as you’d be wasting your time.

TIP # 4; Before buying any plants there, go to the clearance section which is always in the back. Whilst at the clearance rack, you can still ask for a deal if the plant is in very, very, very bad shape. I have done that often. All they are going to say is yes, we can or no, we can’t to your question. So fear not.

Tip # 5; Now that you have a general idea of what your landscaping needs are, ask when they have their biggest plant says which usually happens in late August or September. You’d be amazed at how many plants you can get for a little price. I personally like going from one Lowes to another Lowes. Just like how one decide to go shopping at the mall, I wake up, coffee in hand and then off to search for plants haha…

Here is how this method has helped me. When I first purchased my place, here was part of my landscape the plants where planted at.

Initially, I wanted to have a landscaper help but after looking at the prices, I realized it was something not sustainable in the long term. So, I started reading lots and lots of books. Some I purchased, some I borrowed from the library etc. And now, here is the area shown above.

There was also a vitamin solution I used which I have shared in my very first youtube video. Which can be found here or click on my social media button for more information on it.

Let me know if you have any questions.