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I sincerely believe land clearing / brush clearing with equipment is truly working in a man’s world and that is why getting quotes can be intimidating if you are a woman or someone who has never done it before. Fear not. I just found out about alternate ways to make the task less daunting.

For years, I have been wanting to clear a small space for a garden. Picture seen here.

I received about 9 quotes from land clearing companies. Most of them were very high. With a few quoting as much as $6,500.

Years went by and I kept looking. Then I finally found a clearer who did this – CLEARED LAND BY CHARGING PER HOUR WITH A MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS.

As newbie, this is what I recommend everyone do. Having someone charge by the hour gives you affordability, the ease of knowing what is going on, etc. I have also just uploaded a youtube video on it and you can see it here

These guys were charging $45 an hour. There were three guys and I have never met such honest, hardworking people. They kept to themselves and constantly asked me if what they were doing was was I wanted. I mean, how many contractors or workers ask you that. I booked them for 8 hours for the space.

Here are the pictures from the work :).

Hope this helps and if you are in Connecticut and would like their info, send me a message on my contact form. Enjoy and hope everyone have a good weekend.