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Garden Gate: A Deliciously Whimsy Idea That’s EASY to implement – and it WORKS!

Garden Gate: A Deliciously Whimsy Idea That’s EASY to implement – and it WORKS!

Hello Country Garden Butterflies,
In this video, the garden gate is in via a hack:). It has been in for at least two months love it as each day passes. Last gardening season in fall, I told you I wanted a bit of garden whimsy at the entrance of the driveway. That is discussed in this video and hope you like it as much as I do.

I hope you all have been well and please have a good weekend ok😊😊😊 .. #Guilfordgarden, #gardengate, #gardening


// ▼ ▽ Time Stamp;

0:00 // Intro
1:53 // Before and and progression of driveway entrance
2:07 // Carpenters executing my little garden gate hack
5:15 // How it looks during the day and also at night
5:31 // Full explanation as to why I did it this way
7:39 // Conclusion


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In summary, you shall have an in-depth look into how I am changing my space, plants I buy and all others things to come. Hopefully, it is motivating enough for you to want to stick around and encourage you to take up a challenge in the foreseeable future.


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