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My simple only annual I use from early summer to end of fall // Impatiens
4 Ways I am using wood chips in the garden
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What it takes to love a ROSE in the GARDEN.How these scenes from NETFLIX(A LITTLE CHAOS)got me there
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Tulip & gardening days are here | Prices are wild for the tuteur trellis at the consignment store
How the 2021 vision board is going so far /mini update | Answering your specific question[s]
Gardening in winter is hard. I stay motivated by reading obituaries every morning otherwise…
Garden Planters Goodwill:I went thrifting for garden planters but..Us humans are strange beings haha
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β›„Shoveling 8 inches of snow off gravel driveway | And maybe more (finials) in 2021 for fence caps..
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New Garden area update with gate & crooked trellis fixed.πŸ€—πŸ˜˜  | New England | Pattisguilfordgardenct