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Happy weekend ladies and gentlemen. As you curl up this cold winter weekend, I just want to share another before and after with you. The thought of a fixer upper can be scary and daunting. It is a thought that makes you doubt yourself and the decisions you have to make pertaining to whatever you have to do which in my case, fixing my place as shown below.

When thinking of fixing something or tackling a project, you want to write everything down. Then, wait a day and go back to go through the list. The purpose of doing this is to seek clarity and weed out anything that doesn’t necessarily pertain to the project.

Also, you want to stay true to yourself and be very realistic about the budget. One main suggestion is to create a separate checking or savings account for the project to hold how much you want to spend on the project. Be very strict with this otherwise you’d be spending more money on the project than intended.

Lastly, interview as many contractors as you can. Also, look at the project and see what you can do yourself. There are some things that we can do to save money. In my case, I found someone whom allowed me to buy the materials and only charged me for labor. For further discount, I asked if I can do little chores like moving wood, sawing etc. And that is exactly what he did. For example, when the rafters arrived, I knew I wanted it in white and the contractor said he if I painted it myself, I’d be saving so I did. Although in Connecticut, to get the best rafters and wood products, I get them from Prowoodmarket in Georgia. They are amazing. Here are the before and after pictures and nothing is impossible my friends when you are determined.



I hope you enjoy this quick post and shall see you in the next. Thank you lots!